Healthcare Services

High Performance Standards

Accuracy, consistency, and transparency are central to the UniteHere MLK Community Healthcare. We take pride in maintaining the highest standards in finance, claims, quality and utilization management.

  • 48 Hour routine referral turnaround
  • Provider claims paid within 30 calendar days of receipt
  • Rapid member eligibility updates
  • Proven track record meeting compliance standards

UniteHere MLK Community Healthcare strives to deliver the highest the quality healthcare and wellness services. Our administrative and business operations are founded on integrity and transparency. Our company culture is based on ethical practices. UniteHere MLK Community Healthcare’s success in meeting member satisfaction is based on exceptional Patient Engagement. We deliver the highest quality healthcare outcomes through tailored patient engagement. We utilize both the best of conventional medical as well as state of the art healthcare technology and medical protocols. The use of Telemedicine enables interactive healthcare in our member’s living rooms, places of business, and on the go. Our coordinated healthcare services include:

Member Healthcare Benefits

  • Easy member interaction via mobile phone, internet, writing, and face-to-face
  • Clinical providers responsive care delivery and coordination
  • Highest quality healthcare outcomes for each individual member
  • Member satisfaction measured in every interaction
  • Prevent and reduce emergency room visits and hospital stays
  • Timely access to the most appropriate healthcare services
  • Emphasis on health and wellness education in the home

UniteHere MLK Community Healthcare Commitments

  • Recognition of the critical role our members perform in the Hospitality Industry
  • Deliver healthcare across full continuum of care
  • Coordinate care with all healthcare providers and family members
  • Commitment to our members communities
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